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Anyone wishing to become a member of The Yorkshire Hawking Club is advised to contact one of the officials using the contact details below.  Non-members can attend up to 2 meetings in one calendar year before applying for membership.  Prospective members must complete the attached ‘Membership application form’ and submit it to the YHC Committee.  The application will be reviewed by the committee at the next meeting and a decision made.  The applicant will be duly informed of the decision as soon as is practicable – usually within 24 hours.



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Please list below the birds you Own/Have Owned/Flown/Hunted

Give 2 reasons why you wish to join the Yorkshire Hawking Club

Give 2 reasons why your membership would benefit the Yorkshire Hawking Club

In accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974), do you or the + 1 named above (if applicable) have any unspent criminal convictions, court ordered disqualifications or bans that prevent you (or the + 1 named above) from owning or keeping an animal and/or bird?

Are you or the + 1 named above (if applicable) currently awaiting trial for any crime that could result in a criminal conviction, court ordered disqualification or ban that would prevent you (or the + 1 named above) from owning or keeping an animal and/or bird?

The Yorkshire Hawking Club is a member of The Hawk Board and as such, each member is eligible to vote at its elections at an individual level. To exercise your right to vote, The Hawk Board may require your name, address and/or email address. Do you agree to the Yorkshire Hawking Club supplying your name, address and/or email address to The Hawk Board for the sole purpose of participating in the elections?

Please note:

The information provided above will not be disclosed to any other source/third party with the exception of The Hawk Board unless indicated otherwise.

I understand that should I be accepted as a member of the Yorkshire Hawking Club, if any of the information provided by me above is deliberately incorrect or misleading it could result in a disciplinary sanction and/or termination of my membership without refund of membership fee.

A verbal warning is not considered to be a 'formal' disciplinary sanction.

I wish to apply for membership of the Yorkshire Hawking Club. By submiting this form I agree to abide by the policies and principles as agreed in the Constitution and any subsequent amendments hereafter.