Welcome to the Yorkshire Hawking Club, a group of individuals passionate about birds of prey. We have a range of beginners and veterans eager to share their knowledge. Join our community! 

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About Yorkshire Hawking Club

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The Yorkshire Hawking Club is a group of like-minded individuals with a keen interest in preserving the traditions, art and culture of falconry.  We are affiliated to many national and international falconry related organisations that hold similar values and beliefs.

The club has members with a wide range of knowledge, interests and expertise in all aspects of birds of prey, ranging from breeders to display providers to practicing falconers actively engaged in the sport of hunting with birds of prey.  We are also fortunate to have trainers and assessors who can deliver nationally recognised falconry related awards and qualifications.

What we do

The Yorkshire Hawking Club is a recognised centre of excellence for:

  • falconry related education;
  • national and international field-meets for various quarry;
  • visiting speakers on all falconry and conservation matters;
  • help/assist/support many national and international festivals/game fetes/countryside fairs/etc;
  • national falconry and conservation organisations;
  • our social/cultural affairs; 
  • membership and support of both national and international falconry and conservation organisations.

The Yorkshire Hawking Club is also a social club, holding many different training/hunting/educational events at various times throughout the year.  We also arrange a wide array of prestigious visiting speakers to attend our monthly meetings which are held the first Wednesday of every month at Skellow Grange Social Club, 223 Skellow Road, Skellow, DN6 8JL, commencing at 19.30.

Why Join Us

Among other things, membership of The Yorkshire Hawking Club provides the following benefits:

  • insurance cover;
  • falconry related education;
  • national field-meets;
  • international field-meets;
  • renowned visiting speakers;
  • entry/attendance at various festivals/game fetes/countryside fairs/etc;
  • represented within national falconry and conservation organisations;
  • represented within international falconry and conservation organisations;
  • social club.
Image of a hawk